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Best Cocktails and Pizza in West Village

Best Cocktails and Pizza in West Village

Finding pizza in New York City shouldn’t be hard. Finding the best pizza however, can prove to be hard to do. With that being said, I believe I’ve found the best place to stop in for a personal pie right on Jane Street in West Village!

This week on Bar & Bowtie, we’ve made the stop to the Old Rose, this cafe/bar/restaurant located inside the Jane Hotel on the West Side Highway, better known as the Hudson! Unfortunately for most, the front of the hotel and its surroundings is covered by some scaffolding and construction for the time being but I’m sure this won’t be the last time I go and check out this wonderful spot for happy hour.

I showed up a little early this trip to situate my time being in the joint because apparently there was supposed to be some sort of party the same time I had my photographer @byjaimephoto showing up. I couldn’t have been any luckier to have noticed that the party of eight showing up was going to be one of the biggest foodie’s on @instagram at the time checking out @oldrosenyc at the same time I was.

It was an absolute honor to be in @lexmehr spirits and to work with her taking shots and eating some bomb ass food! Don’t forget to head on over to Instagram and check out @eatingnyc for the best places ALL THINGS FOOD in New York city.

Getting back to the Old Rose…

Open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late-night dining, the restaurant’s menu emphasizes seasonal Italian fare using local produce, and features a small selection of raw seafood and pizza. The beverage menu consists of local craft beers on tap, natural wines, and specialty cocktails.

Pictured above I checked out,

Cocktail: Baby Jane
1. Gin
2. Charred Orange Aperol
3. Prosecco

Pasta Dish: Fusili
1. Mushroom Ragu
2. Ricotta Salata

Pizza: Vodka
1. Burrata
2. Basil

Everything I ate was absolutely DELICIOUS! I was never a huge mushroom person growing up but being in New York has changed that almost dramatically. Really, there isn’t anything I won’t eat anymore and I can’t thank New York (and my dad) enough for that.

My favorite part of the Fusili had to have been the thinly sliced cheese across the top, it was just so fantastic. I think I crushed the dish in under three minutes it was so damn good. As far as the pizza goes….”When in New York, right?” It was as basic and delectable as it gets. Obviously they make their own vodka sauce and boy was it great! I particularly like the size of the pizza, it’s the perfect size for one person to devour by themselves.

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These last few shots taken were done right outside of the Old Rose and I think my guy @byjaimephoto did a fantastic job. By the way, this was actually our first shoot together since we partnered up and I can’t believe how lucky I was to have gotten this guy on board. He’s a fantastic photographer and I appreciate him understanding what I’m looking for and directing me to get the right shots from the get go. Even while I’m not trying to pose, he’s there ready for those candid, natural shots.

Such a pleasure checking out the Old Rose and much appreciation again to Jordan Korn for allowing me to do my shoot. She can be reached at for any inquiries of your own moving forward!

On that note…

“10/10 would recommend, Yancy…..OUT!”

Old Rose NYC: 113 Jane St
IG: @oldrosenyc
Tel: 212-255-4143

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