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Absinthe Cocktail Bar and French Steakhouse in West Village

Absinthe Cocktail Bar and French Steakhouse in West Village

If you’ve ever been to West Village, specifically off the Christopher St. stop on the 1 train, then it’s hard to miss the largest and most gorgeous restaurant on the entire block. Boucherie’s first location here does well to have you guessing what’s inside and once you step in, you know you’re in for a treat!

Up next on Bar & Bowtie, we headed off the 1 train at Christopher Street in West Village straight towards this French brasserie and steakhouse called Boucherie! The exterior is so delightfully decorated it’s almost impossible to miss all the green plant life and contrasting brick right on the busy mainline that runs through the heart of West Village.

BOUCHERIE is a traditional FRENCH brasserie and steakhouse, celebrating Joie de Vivre in the heart of New York. Executive Chef Jerome DIHUI, former Chef de Cuisine of Pastis,prepares a menu of French classics and timeless bistro favorites, in addition to the DRY-AGED STEAKS. In addition to an extensive wine list and classic drinks, Anthony Bohlinger (formerly of Maison Premiere) developed a beverage program that boasts an inspired menu of absinthe-driven signature cocktails.

If you didn’t know by the time you walked in, this place has these large signs and mirrors with Absinthe written all over them if that wasn’t a big enough hint already at the direction their cocktails were headed. We’ll get to that later but it was a nice touch seeing all the cute marble and wooden bistro tables throughout with well kept Burgundy leather booths.

I was DYING of thirst so I went ahead and ordered one before we got into the brunt of our shooting for this fine establishment.

Boucherie Old Fashioned

1. El Jimador Anejo
2. Old Forester Bourbon
3. Plum
4. Lavender & Lemon Oil

At this point, I’m feeling like I just got my first jawbreaker like Ed, Edd, and Eddy from Cartoon Network if anyone remembers that wild show. Jaime comes in through the door right on time and I head right to the bar for a nice cocktail to show off what this guy can do. To my surprise he suggested the:

Bastille Sour

1. Bastille 1789 (Hand Crafted Whisky for those who don’t know)
2. Bruto Americano
3. Find Sherry
4. Orgeat
5. Lemon

6.Egg White

Judging from my personal take looking at the pictures above, I love the color and the extra foam from the egg whites. I think it gives it a very interesting look and honestly, it tastes almost like an orange creamsicle. (SO BOMB).

Time for some FOOD!

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The lovely waitress Danielle was taking care of us and was so cooperative in making sure we ordered some of the more popular dishes on the menu. What’ great about Boucherie for lunch is its Prix Pixe menu thats always readily available. Two courses for $32 and three for $37. Obviously, we opted for the latter. Today’s feast included,

Appetizer: Caesar Salad
1. Anchovie Vinaigrette
2. Parmesan
3. Herbed Crouton Chip

Main Dish: Steak Frites Au Poivre
1. 12oz Prime New York Strip
2. Four Peppercorn Cream Sauce
3. French Fries (No pun intended)

Dessert: Tarte Tatin
1. Apple Filled Pastry
2. Vanilla Ice Cream

To be completely honest, this was like a meal made in heaven for me! Nothing gets me more right than an awesome caesar to kick off grub time. Followed by an awesome medium rare steak with EXTRA crunchy fries, you can say I was more than pleased.

I’ve already been back to this gorgeous restaurant more than a few times since my shooting here and if these pictures aren’t enough to show you why, I don’t know what would be. It was also greatly appreciated the staff and manager were more than willing to accomodate to my photographer and I coming in. Really couldn’t have been a better day!

On that note,

“10/10 would recommend, Yancy…… OUT!”

Boucherie: 99 7th Ave South
IG: @boucherienyc
Tel: 212-837-1616

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