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My Favorite Band Came to NYC

My Favorite Band Came to NYC

Just yesterday on October 3rd, my favorite band of ALL-TIME was in New York City! Daughtry was in town.

I had planned for the last couple of weeks to make it out for this concert but tickets were over $100 a pop so casually, I wanted to wait for it the prices to drop. The day of turned out to be a sweet afternoon with the sun out and a breeze to keep you cool at about 70 degrees F. I was walking around, doing some shopping after my morning shift and it hit me when I looked at my phone and the date!

I remembered somehow that today was the concert and that I really wanted to go! I searched for tickets and luckily, the tickets came to about $33 a piece.

Boy was I excited!

I wanted to get some work done when I got home but was pressed for time so I quickly showered and got ready with my shiny shoes on and headed to the Upper West Side an hour early to hit up some bars to pregame for the concert knowing that drinks would be ridiculously expensive inside.

The venue was on 74th but I got off at the 72nd St stop and saw some large colorful beer signs and, of course, that alone drew my attention.

The spot was called “Beer Culture” and as you can guess, it was a large beer bar filled with what I like to call, “beer people.”

I’m not a huge beer guy if you can’t tell from my blog already but I do have my favorites from time to time.

I sat down, had one beer, a couple of shots, and I was OUT OF THERE!

I wasn’t too tipsy yet so I stopped by the “Beacon Bar” which is literally next to the front door of the venue and had one more, just to keep me a little extra excited for the concert.


I was blown away by the sheer authenticity of this theater and its décor. Everything about this place is magnificent and I felt as if I was in a movie set just being inside.

At an almost 3,000 set venue, it is still one of New York’s largest and most popular music venues to date. Not to mention it also hosted the 2011, 2012, and 2016 Tony Awards!

The acoustics were great and once Daughtry started playing, I couldn’t hold myself together.

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This is my third time seeing Chris and his band and I must say, the band members changed and they added a few to the mix as well.

None of that mattered to me since I was here to listen and enjoy and to this day, I still believe that Chris Daughtry is one of the greatest singers of all time. His range from low to high is incredible and as a singer myself, I can only envy that talent it takes to keep a band like his alive for so long.

This light which almost makes you believe heaven has opened it’s gate is how the concert started and it was definitely one for the books!

If you ever have the chance to see Chris and his band Daughtry, please do! He really is my favorite band and I’m so fortunate to have been able to make it.

Until next time,

“10/10 would recommend, Yancy……OUT!”

Beacon Theater: 2124 Broadway

Tel: 212-465-6500

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