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No More Hangovers, Try Drinkade!

No More Hangovers, Try Drinkade!

How many of you reading this have been out for a drink, two drinks, or even ten drinks only to wake up feeling like you got hit by a freight train?! With this, you won’t experience that EVER again.

The outreach manager at Drinkade gave me a ring and sent me over this captivating supplement that comes in two flavors;

Limeade (Prevention)

– No Added Caffeine


Berry (Boost + Prevention)

– Added Caffeine + B12

Drinkade helps to support the body in neutralizing toxins, restoring vital nutrients, and rehydrating the body during a night out celebrating!

You’re catching the drift here right?

This supplement is like a total dream come true and I’m going to be completely honest here with my personal case study I performed using this for the night.

The Pregame.

The night was early and my boy had just moved up from Miami with not a single clue of what to do in the big apple.

Me being the nice guy that I am, I decided to give him a tour…more of a bar crawl if there was a better name for it.

I had mentioned my favorite place to hit as a single guy was West Village.

I put on my shiny shoes, made sure my man was put together nicely with some loafers on and before we left I threw him this tiny blue bottle.

Drinkade Berry.

As he scarfed it down, I made sure to follow suit with my Drinkade Limeade and we headed out for our Uber.

The Night Out.

I’m going to make this very short. Since I can only imagine what you’d think two guys out to test a supplement with the intended purpose of preventing hangovers would do.

Our night out began as so.

We hit one bar, a second bar, and even a third and fourth. You could also assume we had more than a few to drink along the way. I purposely mixed my liquors and my beers clearly ignoring that old saying,

“Beer before liquor or you’ll always get sicker”

I think it goes something like that but if you had asked me that night, I probably would’ve ignored the question and just ask for another tequila on the rocks.

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The Aftermath.

Waking up was glorious. I really mean that. I’m usually up around 7-8am and that last night out after gulping down some Drinkade made it seem like I hadn’t even gone out to drink.

I wasn’t the only one impressed. My boy Nick was dumbfounded. He couldn’t believe he was ready to go for the day since he usually has a tough time waking up sober as it is.

If you’re in the mood to try some new stuff to help prevent YOUR next hangover, try some of this stuff!

While you’re at it, use my coupon code BARANDBOWTIE until January 1st for a sweet 25% off! Only at,

Until next time,

“10/10 would recommend, Yancy……OUT!”

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