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Spank that Mint!

Spank that Mint!

Ever wondered why your bartender “spanks” his/her mint before using it in your cocktail? Well there’s a simple reason and I’m going to explain why.

Mint used in a cocktail serves not one, but two purposes. Of course it adds some level of “cuteness” to a drink aesthetically but the real use is to release a burst of aroma and flavor to the cocktail of choice. In this case, the first cocktail most would refer to would be the classic, “Mojito.”

One issue I notice with most bartenders is their option taken to muddle the mint. Now I may be nitpicking a little bit here but muddling mint vs spanking it, IS very different and produces a different result with the mint used in a cocktail. By muddling, especially very hard, it actually works opposite. It bruises the mint and the aroma gets lost in the meantime.

I’m in no way preaching one couldn’t muddle their mint. Just make sure to be gentle with the damn thing! Not to mention, I think spanking the mint in front of the guest is a little bit more pleasing to the eye and they’ll get a kick out of it. I can definitely attest to that.

Next time you have the opportunity, make a mojito using both techniques, muddling and spanking. You’ll see that there is a difference and that spanking the mint takes much less time.

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If you’re a newbie or a veteran behind the bar, next time you get back there to make a minty cocktail, give the spank technique a try! I’m sure you’ll get some pleasure out of it as much as your guests will!

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“10/10 would recommend, Yancy……OUT!”

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