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Turtlenecks are The Furthest Thing from Dorky

Turtlenecks are The Furthest Thing from Dorky

The styling of men’s clothing today is reaching some remarkable heights and to be honest, it isn’t my favorite time to be enjoying some men’s fashion. That being said, one article of clothing I really appreciate is one that’s been taken from looking “dorky” to a becoming staple that should be in every man’s wardrobe.



The Turtleneck.


Believe it or not, Winter is my all-time favorite time of the year. Coming up from Florida a tad shy of two years ago to the big apple, you wouldn’t believe me even I told you in person that I  LOVE winter.

As amazing and warm South Florida is, nothing compares to having four seasons, the chance to layer up in some awesome attire, and snowboarding.

If you’d like to read my story on snowboarding close to NYC, check out my article here.

Getting back to turtlenecks, I do think it is one piece of clothing necessary to ANY MANS WARDROBE.

Yes. In all caps.

Just like owning a pair of oxfords and a nice, fitted suit jacket, a turtleneck is a musthave for the winter.

If you swing by my Instagram account or check out older posts of mine, you’ll see my many color choices and outfit combinations I make with one common theme. The turtleneck.

From my recollection, this old-school top has seen its ups and downs, both in a casual and popular setting. Not to mention I’ve also seen and heard people refer to a turtleneck as “dorky.”

That couldn’t be further from the truth in my book!

It’s an awesome statement piece that says one thing and SCREAMS another;

1. I enjoy looking like a professional human being.

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2. I don’t give a **** what your previous thoughts and notions are but this looks hella good on me, alone, under a jacket, and under a suit.

I will agree in my personal experience that this trend has been seen and accepted more in the women’s space but when a fine looking gentlemen is rocking one, it’s awesome to see.

If you’re curious of my turtleneck rendition above, check it out below.

1. Ray-Bans // 2. Perry Ellis Sleeveless Jacket // 3. Zara Gray Turtleneck // 4. Zara Pinstripe Pants // 5. Oro Los Angeles Chelsea Boots

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Until next time,

“10/10 would recommend, Yancy……OUT!”

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  • The turtleneck is fashionable and essential for those sub-zero days in NYC! There’s nothing worse than being underdressed as ice cold wind howling through the maze of skyscrapers, freezes your soul and nostril hairs. Terrific article Yanc!

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