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Enjoy Italian Cocktails and Seafood Eats Under the Highline

Enjoy Italian Cocktails and Seafood Eats Under the Highline

With the Meatpacking District being my favorite part of NYC since my move here, it’s only certain that I try to find and enjoy the best there is to be had here. Of the not-so-many restaurants in this small part of town, Italian seafood underneath the famed Highline is a MUST-TRY! Read on.

Located at 820 Washington, Santina is situated right at the south end of the giant tourist attraction called the “Highline.”

Personally, I don’t care too much for the Highline since it’s crowded no matter whether it’s hot as hell or colder than the Antarctic. I’ll leave it to the tourists to reap the small benefits it offers during more than a once over.

That being said, if you’re in NYC, this is 100% one of the bucket list things to do especially during the spring when the flowers are in bloom.

What I think people miss out on that is so crucial, is the amazing Major Food Group restaurant Santina.



Since I’m eating while writing this post, I’ll start with the food because I think it’s really a standout point of this restaurant and as far as the cocktails, you gotta know by now that I save the best for last. 🙂

Santina really strives to put as many bright, pastel colors in front of your face with the food they produce from the amazingly fresh ingredients all the way down to the beautifully decorated plate ware or “china” if that’s the correct term to describe it. The plates are heavy and dense making for a more expensive feel that gives their food that little bit of “UMPH” as if it really was better than it looked.

Let’s begin;

I don’t know about you but if I’m in an Italian joint, especially one that I know is known for their food, I’m going to order some form of cheese.

I LIVE for cheese.

Towards the top of their menu, they had a simple and elegant dish,


– Pesto Rosso

– Almonds

– Basil Greens

I’ve come to notice that many of the more “fine dining” restaurants in New York City tend to feature a cheese on their appetizers and Burrata is one of the more popular dishes chosen.

That is in no way any kind of complaint!

When one lives for cheese like myself, one can always have cheese. I’m think I should quote that but in the meantime, why not swing by and try it?

The fresh picked greens with the pesto had this rich saltiness that wasn’t too overpowering with the the cheese and the almonds were a nice touch to add some crunch while you chew.

Very happy.

Next up is the, “Fritto Misto”

– caper tartar sauce

If you don’t know what Fritto Misto is, it’s very similar to fried calamari, since it’s, you know…fried. But it’s a mix of seafood instead of just all calamari.

Calamari is a staple for Italians like myself here in America and this was a cute spin that I surprisingly have never had before. The only thing that was missing was some damn marinara sauce……

Don’t get me wrong, the caper sauce was excellent but I dig some smoking hot marinara to dip these bad boys in.

I also just want to point how cool I thought it was to cut the lime shown above on the left. I’m not really sure how they did it but I was impressed.

This was a fun one! When was the last time you were out at a barbecue or public outing with a grill?

This “Octopus Spiedini” came out and seeing it served on some skewers made me excited!

– grilled eggplant

– pickled peppers

You know when you’re eating a skewered, anything, and you start chomping down only to get yourself closer to the end of the stick. You then have to slide that last piece or two off from the side.

Reminds me so much of myself as a kid for some reason except now I’m an adult and I have to pay for my own meals. Sometimes it’s nice to reminisce what it was like to have literally ZERO responsibility.

Getting back though, the eggplant and octopus had this amazing charred taste to it making the dish an awesome starter to clean your palette for the food to come.

This is my favorite dish to have at Santina. If you’ve been reading my past articles, you’ll remember that I am 100% in love with tuna tartare. Now, take my favorite appetizer and put it in a similar form factor as those Asian lettuce wraps everyone knows from PF Changs and you get Santina’s version of a fajita.

They call this their “Calabrian Tuna Cecina.”

– spicy tuna tartare

– capers

There this weird attraction I have to hand-held food items like sandwiches and such and this came as no exception. These “Cecina’s,” are their Italian chickpea pancakes. They come served on a hot skillet cut into four pieces for you to wrap to your hearts desire.

Accompanied is this little tray with two sauces, a smokey, yet a tad spicy brown paste and a creamy pesto sauce. That’s about as far as I can remember about the sauces since they aren’t mentioned on their menu online but putting BOTH on the little pancake wrap is mouth numbingly good.

The burst of flavor is WILD.


DRUM ROLL PLEASE. It’s cocktail hour!

Even their choices in glassware is fun and unique. It’s got this cool underwater like style to it. Almost as if spongebob somehow turned into James Bond under the sea! Hope you got a kick out of that one!

I picked three cocktails and it was incredibly hard for me to pick which one I liked the best so my task for you would be to pick which one YOU think you’d like the most and leave a comment down below!

Let’s start with this wicked “Raspberry Daiquiri,”

1. Light Rum

2. Eau De Vie

3. Lime Juice

4. Raspberry Simple Syrup

See Also

What’s to say more than a daiquiri during summertime. Funny thing is, I can crave one of these during anytime of the year and we’re getting right in the middle of winter this year in 2018 as I’m writing this.

I absolutely love how clear the color is on this one, it remind me of the white frosted Gatorade but tastes way better and has the opposite effect of giving back electrolytes and rehydrating you.

I don’t see anyone not being able to drink this one and best part is, it wasn’t too sweet.

I dig some bourbon. The “Amalfi Gold” was a clear next choice for me on this list.

1. Bourbon

2. Orange Juice

3. Ginger Purée

4. Peach Liqueur

As an experienced bartender, I’ve come to notice that a few people will tend not to like whiskey or bourbon. Personally though, when it comes to this drink, I feel it is drinkable for anyone whether they’re into dark liquor or not.

The perfect blend of the orange, peach, and ginger almost makes me think Santina should sell a mixer of these three ingredients alone for a make-at-home cocktail!

A note to add, I’m almost positive this drink will be very good at masking the taste of the alcohol regardless of how much *extra* is put into it by the barman during the shift.

This last one here is named the “Sophia.”

1. Vodka

2. Aperol

3. Grapefruit Juice

4. Orange Liqueur

If you’re into tart drinks, this should be top of your list. It’s refreshing and smooth and should fare well with just about any of the food items on the menu.

Also, I wanted to show off my sick pants which I cannot seem to find anymore. They’re by Zara Men and I believe they’re all discontinued.

You know by now that all this talking makes me hungry and I have all this to shove in my face!

But for real though, do yourself a solid and find Santina to be your go to spot for a hangout, a small bite, a cocktail, or any combination of the three!

Just be WARNED! They don’t accept cash and that was an honest mistake I made the first time I went in there.

Until next time guys!

”10/10 would recommend, Yancy……OUT!”

Santina NYC: 820 Washington St

IG: @santinanyc

Tel: 212-254-3000


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