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2nd Annual Maison St. Germain

2nd Annual Maison St. Germain

This last week was a SURREAL experience hosted by St. Germain right at the heart of lower Manhattan in NYC, Battery Park. This amazing spirit and lifestyle brand turned the park into its own rustic and fashionable world with sights to see and, of course, drinks to please!

As mentioned above, one of Hollywood’s most influential stylists Kate Young in collaboration with St. Germain, created this lavish, extravagant, 1920’s themed “world” in celebration of the summer solstice happening at Battery Park in NYC!

Bienvenue A La Maison St. Germain!

As soon as you walk in through the largely decorated gates, you’re introduced to a fantastic bouquet of flowers and greenery surrounding a gorgeously lit sign portraying none other than St. Germain. People gathered around to take turns in front of the sign and I couldn’t see why not?!

It looked amazing!

After you’re done being narcissistic and get through the usually “Instagram” posting mob, you just might be startled by the “moving” picture frames that oh so generously are ready to hand you alcohol!
I give these guys props for standing there and being in character the ENTIRE time which honestly might have been HOURS. I can only assume they were actors and actresses because they were splendid.

Some beautiful touches to the decor throughout the event like these standalone light fixtures laced together with actual St. Germain bottles keep you immersed.

If the light decorations don’t keep you entertained, try personal violinists on your walk down the yellow brick road to the main event space.

No, we’re still not at the main event tent and they already have, yet ANOTHER bar ready to keep your glass filled and you on the path towards intoxication!

Soon enough, you’ll finally make it down, past the main drag and you’re taken back by this monstrous see-through bubble of a tent encompassing the entire main event. My gal and I happened to be show up just after they opened so it looks a tad on the empty side above but trust me, by the time the sun rolled down and away, it got quite full in here!

Time for more DRANK! There were different bars set up around the entire event but something about these two boys had the biggest crowd surrounding them. Might’ve been the “flare” they were throwing in or maybe just the fact that they looked like awesome bartenders.

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Something fun and out of the ordinary St. Germain threw in for the event was a huge tattoo and bedazzle booth! The crowds got to pick tattoos and designs from a large selection of choices and took turns marking themselves up! I’m sure you can imagine people being excited about this. Especially since they do come off! (Eventually with some scrubbing at least).

Make your way outside and you’re greeted with this amazing little directed flower garden which later turned into a dance floor outside as well as a bunch of seating readily available for you and your guests once you get past that tipsy point!

You guessed it, ANOTHER bar! To be honest, this “Spritz” was by far the best drink of the night, mostly cause it was light and refreshing compared to the rest. I think the best part of this drink was that it took THREE people to put the damn thing together! Props to these guys and the other bartenders because they were like machines all night. Performing the same task over and over again. St. Germain knows who to hire to achieve the best staff.

Hopefully you made it down this far and felt as if you were at the event after seeing the great time I had! I cannot wait to share with you the more events I take part of and stay tuned for more of my own events to come!

On that note,

“10/10 would recommend, Yancy……OUT!”

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