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2018 Christmas Spirit In Full Effect at Papillon

2018 Christmas Spirit In Full Effect at Papillon

Since I’ve been in NYC for two Christmas’s now, I think it’s safe to say I know what the holiday spirit entails! It’s a wonderful time of the year for Americans especially, and if you’re in the city, you’re BOUND to experience what the “joy” of Christmas means!

My “holiday” eats spot was a solid no-go unfortunately…

If you’re old or new to the big apple, there’s one place in particular that is know for being THE spot to check out during Christmas time.

Rolf’s German Restaurant.

According to the current owner, Suhul Uddin, it takes about six weeks for his men to install…

100,000 lights,

15,000 ornaments,

800 dolls,

And thousands of icicles.

Hold now. Sure this sounds like a feat of decoration engineering, but I’m sure the first thing that popped into your head is, “Wow! That place must be busy!”

Bet your ass it was!

That’s why I took my journey tonight to the second best place possible and I swear to you, I remembered this place SOLELY because of a walk by LAST Christmas in 2018!

Papillon Bistro & Bar on 54th.

From my first experience actually inside this place, it was slammed with industry people and financial employees alike.

If you didn’t know what industry people meant, it means men and women who work in the food/bev business. Usually managers, bartenders, and servers in the restaurant world that work a schedule very opposite to the usual 9 to 5 zombie life.

If there is one thing you’ll learn from me about bar etiquette, it’s this.

When you or your group of friends make their way out to the bar, make it your first duty to get to the bar and order what you want. Bartenders HATE to be standing around, waiting for you to make a decision on especially while you’re taking up bar space mid conversation.

Walk in the bar, order your drink FIRST, then conversate to your hearts content. Not the other way around. You’ll notice two things;

  1. One, you have your drink in your hand quicker. (Which is why you came to a bar anyways.)
  2. And two, it speeds up the process for both the bartender AND the other guests. Something called “consideration.”


Since it’s the holidays, OF COURSE I’m going to order a personal favorite of mine, the famously known, “Old Fashioned.”

However, this isn’t your typical pre-prohibition cocktail. It’s a;

“Cedar-Smoked Old Fashioned”

  1. Bourbon
  2. Simple Syrup
  3. Angostura Bitters
  4. Cedar Smoke

Only the best kind.

By being “cedar-smoked,” your bartender of choice literally takes a piece of cedar wood to the bar and torches it. The glass is placed over top and is engulfed in smoke emanating from the ashes in the wood.

There are of course a few other techniques used to accomplish this same feat but this is my go-to and probably the quickest and easiest.

Located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, Papillon is in 54th Street’s bustling neighborhood Bistro & Bar. Just steps from Central Park, Museum of Modern Art & the famous 5th Avenue shops, Papillon Bistro offers a fun environment where our guests feel like family. Our deceivingly large space offers dining experiences to match your every mood, whether you’re enjoying a craft cocktail on our sidewalk café, mingling with colleagues in one of our private rooms, or delighting in dinner and a show at our Opera Night on Saturdays. Get to know our killer staff, and enjoy a sense of community with a little something for everyone. At Papillon Bistro & Bar, every night is made better with just a touch of sophisticated debauchery!

Something about Papillion Bistro is just incredibly inviting. Everyone is friendly and courteous and the people that attend the cocktail infused eatery always have a great time and are open to meeting.

If you took away all of their finely placed decorations, you’ll come to notice it give off a somewhat “nicer” Irish pub vibe and I think it adds to its character.

Be sure to swing by and check out their Christmas decor before they all get taken down!

On a separate note… if you’ve been following along with my blog the last few months, I have definitely made it a point to get across that I’m not a sneaker guy.

Never have been.

I had found that wearing them with jeans is a recipe for TOTAL disaster but I believe that’s changed.

#1. You will never see me spend more than $80 on a pair of sneakers but if I come up on a deal like I got for these slick Nike’s I’m wearing in these shots, then I’m open for the challenge.

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#2. I do think that paired with the right casual outfit, they can be viable for a stylish yet COMFORTABLE look.

New Yorkers walk everywhere. No matter what you think, it only helps to have more comfortable shoes and I’m opening my mind and my vision to accept that sneakers can be a functional and fashionable sense of style.

Merry Christmas you FILTHY ANIMALS!

Go home! See your family! Tell that special one how you really feel! Make those last minute decisions you think you might regret!

The end of year for just about anyone is a time for reflection, for acceptance, for planning, and for forgiveness.

Reflect on your goals and missions you set out for this last year of 2018. Ask yourself, “Did I accomplish what I set out to do this year?”

Accept the decisions, the rights, and especially the mistakes and tribulations experienced this year of 2018. Only when you’ve accepted ALL of these, you can learn and move on to bigger and better.

Plan your global takeover! Plan what’s going to happen this year in 2019 that will catapult you to your own success. Redefine what your success is by changing your habits. Your habits are what keep you from advancing your abilities and fortunes.

Forgive your family. Forgive your friends. Forgive your employers and employees. But most of all…

Forgive yourself. You made mistakes. You made the wrong decisions. You hurt people. You drove down the wrong path no matter how long you were lost. You will succeed and you will learn if you can forgive yourself above all else.

You all have been a giant blessing for me and I cannot wait to expand my horizons and content for you all to appreciate with the new year!

Until next time,

“10/10 would recommend, Yancy……OUT”

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