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January 2019

What I Wear To The Beach

Beach-wear is nothing fancy. Heck, it’s nothing that great either. It’s supposed to be comfy and ready for some wear and tear. This is a personal favorite look of mine that I believe keeps me looking cool, all while BEING cool. For this fun article, I had the pleasure of…

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Best Space for Creative Entrepreneurs

Every month in downtown Brooklyn, there’s only one place I can think of where I can find the latest and greatest in local artists and entrepreneurs. Come with me as I give you a little glimpse of where small business people and like-minded individuals should spend their time before they…

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Netflix Hired Me

As the title suggests, Netflix took a chance on me and had me hired solely to create a cocktail, bartend, and host their NYC Christmas Holiday Party! It was a total surprise to have such a huge and reputable company reach out to me……maybe my work is just paying off!…

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