Happy Birthday to the Best Entrepreneur and Friend I Know

Yes, I said it! It’s Magic Mike’s 24th Birthday and I had the wonderful pleasure of having him come to the big apple for a week JUST to celebrate! In honor of his 24th, I thought it’d be nice to give you guys an inside look at one of the hardest working and (possibly) more outgoing people you’ll ever meet. Here’s to you Mikhail Guseynov!

First time I met this guy, he had just been written about on Total Sorority Move for asking Chloe Grace Moretz to his fraternity formal through a Facebook campaign.

Yeah… Check it out here.

What a character, right? I’d say, he’s probably the best there is.

If I had any advice on friends you should have, I’d say you need a Russian. You need a tall Russian. You need one with a semi-decent accent. You need one that tries his best at everything he puts his mind to. You need one who makes decisions, not sometimes, but ALL the time. You need an awesome teammate. You need a total weirdo who somehow pulls off being the best wingman. You need an olympic skier. You need a public speaker.

You need a,

Mikhail Guseynov.

One of the coolest and most mature people I know is in NYC with me and it’s always a great time!

Sometimes, it’s for business and others it’s for pleasure and that can encompass a whole plethora of topics but one things for sure.

We have a wonderful experience together.

The best time usually includes some long drawn out conversation over a few cocktails about our businesses.

Magic Mike happened to have started his own with the partnership of his mother just over a year ago and it’s something you DEFINITELY need to check out!

It’s called,

Milámu Blends.

Together, Mikhail and his mother Larisa started what was a dream of hers that Mike put to reality.

Milámu Blends is a natural beauty blends company with a vision of,


Him and his mother produce 100% NATURAL beauty blends and accessories to compliment your luxurious lifestyle, day in and day out.

Check them out here:

Natural Oil Blends




Getting back to Mike, I was more than joyed to have him make the journey up here as a guest of mine. I love hosting for people especially when it’s someone close to me like my best friend here.

Since I’ve been in New York, Mike’s been the #1 recurring guy in town and we’ve gone on more than a few adventures.

Many of which have included snow sports. Skiing and snowboarding. If you didn’t know, Mike’s an olympic skier who used to cross country on two wooden sticks and shoot targets with a sniper.

Talk about EPICNESS.

If the olympic skiing isn’t enough for you, why don’t you try contracting Mike for some of you keynotes and business parties.

He’s a SPECTACULAR public speaker who’s been on stage in front of thousands of people for a multitude of companies.

Not even kidding.

Mike’s a go-getter, a total clown, an awesome friend, and the best representation of an entrepreneur I could ask for in a friend!


Happy 24th Birthday!

If any of you guys get around to reading this to the end, there’s one gift that I need help getting him and I think you all can do your part.


Until next time,

“10/10 would recommend, Yancy……OUT!”

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