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Aberlour Whiskey Tasting

Aberlour Whiskey Tasting

If you haven’t heard of Aberlour Whiskey, then you better get strapped up because this is going to be ALL THE RAGE pretty soon! Coming all the way from Speyside in Scotland, expect this award winning scotch to be on most if not all bar walls coming near you! It was a wonderful pleasure having the opportunity to host them for you all at the Lure Fishbar in SoHo!

This amazing tasting was put on at the famous Lure Fishbar in SoHo just off of Mercer and Prince St.

Being one of the best seafood joints around including being right in the middle of the busiest part of SoHo, it’s no doubt that this was going to be a busy night and it most definitely was.

The night started with a few appetizers and hor d’oeuvres as well as what seemed like me to be a whiskey sour featuring our scotch of choice for the night.

Aberlour Single-Malt Scotch

As the night was getting started and everyone was digging into the free food, I was in the small private back room getting the tasting all set-up and indulging on some scotch before everyone came in.

I took a quiet taste of their original 12-year. Absolutely wonderful.

A little history:

Aberlour is a distillery of Speyside single-malt scotch. In Scotland where the distillery is, it sits right on the confluence of the rivers Lour and Spey near Ben Rinnes.

James Fleming, son of a local tenant farmer, built Aberlour Distillery in 1879 after having worked at Dailuiane, Carron for ten years. Producing whisky from 1880 onwards until his death at the age of 65 in 1895, Fleming is buried opposite the distillery in the village cemetery. Robert Thorne & Sons bought the distillery and ran it until 1921. In 1921, Robert Thorne & Sons Ltd. sold the distillery to W. H. Holt & Sons, a brewery near Manchester. In 1945 S. Campbell & Sons Ltd. bought the distillery. In 1975 Pernod Ricard acquired Campbell Distilleries, and they joined with Chivas Brothersin 2001 forming a portfolio of 14 single malt distilleries and 1 grain distillery in Scotland, and 2 gin distilleries in England. In 2002, a new, modernized visitor centre was opened.

If you didn’t know, there is a serious difference between whiskey and scotch and this, my friends, is definitely a scotch worth trying.

On to the TASTINGS!

Lucky for everyone attending, we all had the insane opportunity to taste the ENTIRE lineup of Aberlour Whisky

12-Year Double Cask

This is the absolute staple in Aberlour Whisky. It’s rich with deep character emanating this spirit to be the go-to when purchasing/sampling this Scotland born distillery.

16-Year Double Cask

Following suit with the 12-year, the extra age adds a fruitiness and depth that really exemplifies its complexity. This was my favorite of the bunch.

18-Year Double Cask

Spicy and luxurious are the terms Aberlour likes to use with this extra-strength single-malt. The deeper sherry influence adds the maturity and spice to give it this unique flavor profile.

“A’Bunadh” (meaning “The Original”)

This homage to the original founder of Aberlour, a Mister James Fleming, this whisky is hand-made from start to finish with each pour bottled at cask strength ensuring a robust and deeply intense sherry flavored whisky.

The brand rep for Aberlour at the scene did a wonderful job educating everyone on the product including the proper way to drink whisky/scotch in order to at least “look” like you know what you’re doing at a bar.

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If you guys were wondering,


When ordering your choice of whisky/scotch, order it NEAT (served alone with no ice) with a nice serving of rocks (ice) on the side. Whisky changes its flavor profile and aroma as more water is added. Start neat and gradually add more ice to experience each of the tastes that these distillers put their time into making!

I cannot thank Aberlour and their team for allowing me to take part and showcase their wonderful spirit!

If you guys are ever around in Scotland, be sure to reach out to this gentleman, Mr. Graeme Cruickshank! He’s the man with the plan over at Aberlour these days and is a great person to learn any and all about Aberlour Whisky!

Until next time guys,

“10/10 would recommend, Yancy……OUT!”

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