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Best Space for Creative Entrepreneurs

Best Space for Creative Entrepreneurs

Every month in downtown Brooklyn, there’s only one place I can think of where I can find the latest and greatest in local artists and entrepreneurs. Come with me as I give you a little glimpse of where small business people and like-minded individuals should spend their time before they hit it big!

It’s called,

Sip. Shop. Eat!

Sip. Shop. Eat! is an immersive pop up featuring indie brands in celebration of food, style and drinks.
SSE launched in April 2017 as a curated marketplace of highly talented: food/drink purveyors vintage dealers, jewelry makers, artists, lifestyle and fashion designers independently sharing, showcasing and selling their work. 
The experiential marketplace currently resides in Brooklyn, NY and pops up once a month at Beyond Studios!

– Taylar Coylar

Taylar Coylar is the amazing woman behind this entire idea of finding the perfect pop-up to showcase hers as well as many other local businesses products and inventions.

While looking for just the spot to showcase her own brand, The Bela Noelle Collective, she thought to just create the pop-up herself!

It was a nice treat to hear from her and invite me out to check out her one-of-a-kind space first hand and in person.

Without further ado, lets get to some CREATIVES!

It’s very hard to miss the first booth, front and center, and it was totally convenient being a desserts booth!

Miss Amanda Rinaldi is looking to take the private dessert scene by storm with her fully customizable desserts sought to make everyone smile!

You can find her HERE.

Next to Amanda, you’ll be stumped to find the latest jewelry company looking to start a TOTAL revolution.

Automic Gold is looking to,

That means genderless, size-inclusive & diverse. A self-conscious business that is built on transparency and honesty.
Fine jewelry simple and comforting, like visiting your favorite coffee place.

Swing by and find the married couple, Alena & Jaime putting their collection on blast! Find them HERE.

Taking up an entire corner of the space, you’ll find Loyalty & Heart.

These guys are doing their best to show that a 100% totally eco-friendly company, can epitomize bold American luxury both upscale and environmentally safe.

I happen to love their concept of a lion triumphant over the snakes portrayed in their logo.

Find this clothing line HERE.

Modest Chic Boutique is Alecia Charles attempt to bringing about women’s clothing thats both beautiful while upholding a standard of modesty.

I like the message she’s trying to spread and her clothes were great, I know, because I bought a skirt for my lady who came with!

Find her on her page HERE.

This is a FUN one I was particularly excited about cause it’s food related and its local!

Hellgate Farm started out in a backyard in Astoria, Queens that produced small batch sauces and sweeteners. Now they’re two giant backyards and a rooftop large!

Their small batch sauces include hot sauces and honeys.

I bought their spicy ketchup and I’ve been buying ever since it’s just so damn good!

Find ALL of their products HERE.

This next product is a bit larger than most in here but I was also VERY happy about getting my hands on some free ice cream!

My/Mo Mochi is a,

See Also

miraculous match of magnificent mochi dough with marvelously mouthwatering ice cream.

My favorite flavor was the green tea! Do yourself a favor and pick up some on your free time, they sell all over the place.

Find their products and more HERE.

Probably my fav booth of the day was 41 Winks!

Olivia White is a Texan in Brooklyn looking to create a,

We craft and curate sleep accessories inspired by our muses who are as bold and expressive asleep as they are awake. 

She believes self-care and rest are a necessity and buying one of her sleep masks not only helps with both, but she donates 4.1% of all purchases to the I AM THAT GIRL non-profit!

This is one hell of a gift for that friend or special someone in your life! Get yourself the #theextrawink right HERE!

I cannot thank Taylar Coylar and all of the small business people who set up shop with Sip. Shop. Eat! for an amazing and beautiful day out supporting local work!

Taylar hosts her event every single month at 272 Siegel St. from 12-6pm.

Get off your high-horse and show some love for these hard working individuals! Who knows, you might see them in the big department stores one day!

Until next time,

“10/10 would recommend, Yancy……OUT!”

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