What I Wear To The Beach

Beach-wear is nothing fancy. Heck, it’s nothing that great either. It’s supposed to be comfy and ready for some wear and tear. This is a personal favorite look of mine that I believe keeps me looking cool, all while BEING cool.

For this fun article, I had the pleasure of having the day to check out Coney Island!

If you didn’t know, it’s a fun filled, theme park driven part of Brooklyn that happens to have an awesome beach on the other side of the boardwalk I’m standing on.

Like I mentioned above, beach wear is supposed to be casual and comfortable enough for you to be content after getting all wet and sandy.

Let’s break down my beach outfit;

  1. College hat from my alma mater, Florida Atlantic University. My hair is usually up and I never wear a hat quite honestly. However, I knew I was going in the water and nothing protect the sun better than a fresh hat from your college.
  2. White button downs are my go-to either short or long sleeve rolled up. I’m a fan of colored and printed trunks so the white works with just about anything. Make sure to get one that’s made of thin material cause it’s HOT!
  3. Short, 6″ seam swim trunks. These are my ride-or-dies. I have a TON of them in different patterns and designs and I always say, “there’s nothing wrong with showing off those nice legs!”
  4. Toms. They’re cheap, they’re comfy with no socks on, and I couldn’t care less if they got ruined.

It’s hot out and I need to get in the water guys!

Until next time,

“10/10 would recommend, Yancy……OUT!”

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