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Artists Workplace Where You Can Drink Too, Only in Greenpoint, BK

Artists Workplace Where You Can Drink Too, Only in Greenpoint, BK

If you’ve been reading, I’m not usually one to venture out to Brooklyn much but this spot, A/D/O, was really something interesting I wanted to check out. It’s an artists and architects common workplace that features free open work area to the public all while having a full restaurant to keep you and your guests full and just the right amount of tipsy to keep the creative juices flowing.

This 23,000 square foot warehouse has been completely re-vamped as a shared workspace for creative individuals. They feature a full bar and restaurant, TWO workspaces both for paying and free customers, and an outside courtyard for outdoor installations.

But that’s not really what I cared about.

There’s a ton of these in the city that don’t happen to be almost an hour away.


It was a cool space and I wanted to check out some of the art while sipping‘ a drink!


“Rocky’s Spritz”

  1. Elderflower
  2. Rocky’s Milk Punch
  3. Cremant

It was a very interesting bar menu, while small, that they featured here at A/D/O but it was definitely worth a look over.

The day I came in wasn’t so busy when I showed up but it packed in to my surprise as the day went on.

I’d never had “milk punch” before this day and I was surprisingly delighted. It sort of tastes like a strawberry fruit roll-up that I used to eat growing up in the form a liquor.

Combine that with the elderflower liqueur, it was a pretty sweet brunch cocktail to say the least.

Aa a side note, I always appreciate a sweet bitters set at a bar. These guys had a bunch to go around for any kind of cocktail you could’ve put together.


Bitters are like salt-n-pepper to a cocktail, in case you didn’t know. Next time you’re out to a cocktail bar, ask for one of your go-to drinks and tell your bartender to add a dash or two to it. Ex: Ask for some chocolate bitters to an old fashioned or some orange bitters to your margarita!

See Also

This here was the star of the show. Put on by the VERY talented, United Visual Artists, their goal was to,

Spirit of the City (2018) is a site-specific installation investigating the physical and emotional response people experience when navigating an urban environment.

Their installation was put on to portray the organic behavior or New York and its people that keep it moving.

I loved it. It was a super interesting and very cool to see in person and it was a sweet spot to take some fashion shots!

Cheers guys!

Until next time,

“10/10 would recommend, Yancy……OUT!”

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