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The World’s 50 Best Bars 10th Anniversary by elit™ Vodka

The World’s 50 Best Bars 10th Anniversary by elit™ Vodka

This last February 12th of 2019, the World’s 50 Best Bars celebrated it’s 10th Anniversary to commemorate ten years since their first list presented to the world. In honor of the event, they hosted a wonderful panel featuring some of the best bar owners speaking inspirational thoughts on the hospitality world all before putting on one of the best cocktail parties of 2019.

Sponsored and presented by elit™ Vodka
What a venue huh?

Celebrating this amazing 10th year milestone, 50 Best Bars hosted another of their #50BestTalks over at the Guastavino on 59th and 1st Ave in NYC.

This was the FIRST ever event held in the US and I’ll be honest, I was completely blown away with the sheer magnitude of such a night to experience.

The event began with a panel of bartenders/bar owners who own some of the top bars in the world. Most noticeable here in NYC and in the UK.

The speakers consisted of;

  • Jim Meehan, “Please Don’t Tell” – NYC
  • Jillian Vose, “The Dead Rabbit” – NYC
  • Jonathan Downey, “Milk & Honey” – UK
  • Alex Kratena, “Artesian” – UK
  • Declan McGurk, “American Bar” – UK
  • Ryan Chetiyawardana, “Lyan Bar” – UK

If I had to recall my favorite topic of conversation had on the stage, it would have to be the amazing speech that Ryan of Dandelyan Bar made in regards to sustainability.

He spoke well about being resourceful and giving back to the world and our environment within this “sphere” we live in called hospitality. Pushing more bar owners and bartenders to reuse products and to refrain from wasting as much as possible can, AND will, be a large guideline down the road that will only help increase revenue and lessen expense.

As much as I loved this panel, I was really looking forward to the cocktail party that was about to start right downstairs.

Don’t tell anyone!

But I snuck out of the show early to get a sneak peak of the space downstairs! Check it out here:

This event space was absolutely stunning! The Guastavino is definitely a spot I can imagine being used for a multitude of special events and I’m glad I was able to partake in this special one for 50BestBars.

Once you hear some very loud clapping, you can assume the show is just about to end! Before it got too packed down here, I snapped a few shots of the others sponsors for tonight!

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Let’s get down to business!


Some intense mingling and alcohol consumption takes place in the upcoming shots! All in moderation of course!

Without further do;

This was the opening cocktail for those just making it to the party. What a great idea handing out cocktails with coffee to get everyone awake for the rest of the evening!
So cool seeing the custom ice used in some of the drinks! This was Campari’s 100 year anniversary logo imprinted INTO the ice!
Coolest bartender of the night! Funny thing was, he barely spoke any English!

A live band that sounded like they flew in from Bourbon St in New Orleans showed up out of the middle of nowhere and put on a killer show for 15 minutes.

It’s the little things that make an event even more special!

This Heering Cherry cocktail was MARVELOUS!

Thank you SO much Leah for the invite! She’s the gal working directly with the Perrier team who got me the invite for this special evening!

Couldn’t have been more appreciative for the reach and support!

Guess I’m funnier than I think I am!

It was at the end of the night that I met the amazing Simone Bodini. He is the global brand amassador of Stoli (who owns elit Vodka) and a world champion flair bartender!

Personally, it was wonderful to connect and speak to him about some bar stuff and learning from him, exactly how he got to where he is now.

Fun Fact!

He flew in just a few hours before this event and was scheduled to leave the next morning to Moscow, Russia.

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I’m hoping I can travel that frequently for my business in the near future, FINGERS CROSSED!

That’s a WRAP!

Such an amazing event filled with people from all over the world to connect with and learn from! I had the opportunity to meet fellow bartenders, publicists, bar owners, and others in the hospitality realm!

If there was anything I could critique about the night, it was this;

Have more people as, “hosts,” to mitigate where people should go and just to educate them overall during the cocktail party.

As far as the World’s 50 Best Bars goes, the expert team of over 500 is working countless hours in order to bring you the latest in where you need to spend your money on some amazing cocktails and where to have experience that won’t be forgotten!

The next annual list is expected to be revealed later this year in October!

As always guys, do yourself the favor and get on to my social media! Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, I have updates EACH and EVERYDAY for your viewing pleasures!

Until next time,

“10/10 would recommend, Yancy……OUT!”

The World’s 50 Best Bars

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