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Paqui Tequila – Private Tasting Presented by ZipKick

Paqui Tequila – Private Tasting Presented by ZipKick

Tequila is among one of my favorite spirits to indulge on and when I’m presented with an opportunity to get my hands on a *new* one, you can bet I’m going to be all over it. Presented by ZipKick, Paqui Tequila put on a wonderful private tasting event in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Myself and other influencers were invited to come and check out what Paqui’s got to take the tequila market over by storm.

What a fun night this was!

Owner and founder of ZipKick, Jason Will, reached out for an “influencers” night featuring Paqui Tequila to showcase a tasting as the new tequila coming into NYC.

I don’t mean new by regular standards however.

You can find Paqui in over 100+ locations around NYC currently and that’s one HELL of a start if you ask me.

Paqui Tequila

Kicking things off, I’m sure you’d like to know what makes Paqui, well, Paqui!

Paqui, meaning, “to be happy,” is a new breed of tequila thats uniquely smooth and flavorful.

PaQuí is an artisanal tequila handcrafted in a small distillery using traditional pot stills. Our Master Distiller invented a new process to achieve an inviting aromalayers of flavor, and a soft finish – so unlike the other tequilas on the market.

John Chappell, Owner
  • 100% Blue Weber Agave from the Highlands in Jalisco, Mexico
  • Steamed in Stainless Steel Autoclave
  • Fermented also in stainless steel using the freshest wine yeast
  • Selective distillation leaving nothing but taste without harshness

If you didn’t know, ZipKick is a brand builder and an influencer network. Jason and his team use a multitude of tools to build your brand with the right partners, and of course, the right influencers to spread the word about your product.

That being said, Jason worked one on one with Paqui to bring in a handful of NYC influencers for this very special and private tasting downstairs in the Oxbow Tavern.

I guess I’m considered an influencers now guys? Anyways.

I was joined by none other than,

Anna of @anna_knows_nyc

Ashley of @sipmebabyonemoretime

Stephanie of @adventuresofchefanie

The Tasting.

John Chappell, founder and CEO of Paqui and his partner Jeff, sat us all down with Speakly Media for an amazing intro into the world of Paqui tequila and how he got started in the spirits business.

I’ve never met someone more passionate about taking over a space so intently and so vigorously.

I learned so much about how he came up with the very interesting logo, how the process goes for even starting a spirit company, as well as tasting Paqui to other competitors.

This was the kicker guys. And I promise you, these are my HONEST opinions. They did not pay me for this.

We all tasted Paqui against,

  1. Patron – very “rubbing alcohol” tasting, eh
  2. Don Julio – even WORSE than patron, kind of wild
  3. Casamigos – smooth with a very “vanilla” tone to it
  4. Herradura – tad sweeter than the rest but hard to take down

Paqui was by FAR, the best of the bunch and it’s very interesting that I’m saying this. It was incredibly smooth and it had the perfect balance of agave to taste without being too harsh.

I’d say you have to try it yourself. There are over 100+ spots in the city to have it at like I mentioned above.

I will say, people who *think* they like tequila, like to drink Casamigos. I sell it all the time. They’re similar in a lot of ways regarding their tastes but it really boils down to education on the clients end and I can’t wait to see if this tequila takes off.

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Soon after our tasting, we were greeted by the Oxbow Tavern’s head bartender, Eddie!

He created two cocktails with Paqui and they were DELICIOUS!

Too bad we were all feeling ourselves at this point, I didn’t get a chance to snag the recipes!

Following along with the end of our tasting,

Speakly Media,

recorded some snippets from each of us detailing our thoughts on the tequila.

Thank you John, Jeff and Jason!

I had a wonderful time meeting you all, your team, and getting introduced to some fellow bloggers who all have a similar mindset that I do!

The best of luck to your tequila and I can’t wait to be sipping on it during my outings here in the city!

Until next time guys,

“10/10 would recommend, Yancy……OUT!”

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