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Bella Magazine’s New York Influencer Cover Party Hosted by Christie Brinkley

Bella Magazine’s New York Influencer Cover Party Hosted by Christie Brinkley

The most renowned supermodel, Christie Brinkley hosted BELLA New York’s Influencer Issue Cover Party this last March 13, 2019. Together, PLUSH Vodka and I sponsored the whole event and had the opportunity to partake in the festivities! Stay tuned for an amazing event filled with new connections and PLENTY of celebrities to match.

This was an amazing event put on by BELLA Mag. Thats the first point of business. Never in my life have I ever been to an outing where I literally felt like I was on a red carpet.

There were at least 40 different paparazzi photographers lined up and scouring the floor that it was almost impossible not have had your picture taken.

Not to mention…I, of course, had my amazing photographer @rashida_zagon there at the helm to capture everything needed to make this article come to fruition.

As mentioned above, the PLUSH team and I took the party by storm! By partnering up with BarSys, we had an automated “bartender” machine make the specialty cocktails for the night!

Aside from this quirky little machine, the venue had their own bartenders serving up drinks as well but who’s not going to be into FREE right?

As far as BarSys goes, it’s the perfect device for those lazy individuals who don’t want to make their own cocktails at home! If you’re one of those people, this a wonderful instrument to instill drunkness on anyone you invite or even to impress those at your party which is exactly what we did for this event.

Another sponsor who made an appearance, which made total sense, was Prosecco DOC from North-East Italy! If you’re in New York, you’ll notice that many tend to enjoy the “lighter” fare of boozy experiences for the night and any sort of bubbly beverage to indulge on is almost a must-have at any kind of event.

Other sponsors included:

HERLA Beauty, Preventive Measures, University Pain Medicine Center, Bagatelle, Chinola Liqueur

It was a packed house in Bagatelle!

Aside from the amazing food and drink, this was almost like a celebrities networking event. Outings like this are where I shine as an individual.

I love mingling and meeting new individuals and it just so happened almost all of the people attending were “important” in some way here on the island. Events like these are almost invaluable to those looking to grow their brand.

Enjoying a nice conversation with Marci Hopkins of @wakeupwithmarci and Krysten at @krwardrobedesign!

Mister Ty Hunter making a wonderful appearance! @tytryone

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Thank You Bella Mag and PLUSH Vodka!

And thank you to my amazing friends and family supporting! All of you guys make it easy for me to keep pursuing my dream with Bar & Bowtie and I can only show my respect by giving you all more to read, hear, watch, and see for you own eyes!

Until next time,

“10/10 would recommend, Yancy……OUT!”

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