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Modern Seafood Bar Cocktail Program in Greenport, This is Anker

Modern Seafood Bar Cocktail Program in Greenport, This is Anker

After being in New York City for exactly two years, you can assure yourself that I was looking for a little bit of a break. I’ve heard so much from other industry people about working out in the EastEnd of Long Island during the summers and thought to myself, “damn, I would love to check that out!” Low and behold, a close friend of mine puts me in touch with a restaurant group opening a new waterfront bar and next thing I know, I’m on a bus out to Greenport in no-time! And this, is my bar program.

I couldn’t have been more appreciative to join a new conglomerate of sorts here in this up and coming Village of Greenport. The newest addition to the Green Hill group is this amazingly fresh, local, and organic restaurant that’s looking to share only the best in seafood that the Northfork has to offer.

With such a menu offered, it only makes sense that they have a killer cocktail list to follow that doesn’t come on too strong on the palate but elevates and pairs well with the food items available.

Even only being in Greenport for just over three weeks at the time of me writing this, it was clear to me what the clientele would be moving forward throughout the summer.

With that, let’s get to some cocktails!

And there you have it!

I went for a simple list that included each spirit individually which boasts, if you can’t tell for yourself, twists on the classic cocktails! To top it off, I made sure to include locally sourced ingredients throughout my entire program.

  • Fresh squeezed and pressed juices
  • Local liquors and wines
  • Local ingredients
  • Even flavor profiles throughout the entire selection
  • Quick cocktail build (not too many ingredients to take up time)

Full recipes and specs can be found at the LINK HERE!

Did I mention Anker has the best views in all of Greenport? Their rooftop deck is perfect for dinner, late night drinks, and of course any sort of event you could be looking to throw throughout the year.

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If you’re looking for a destination over the summer especially, come by and see your favorite bartender! I’d love to have ya!

Until next time,

“10/10 would recommend, Yancy……OUT!”

47 Front St Greenport, NY 11944



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