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Claudio’s Cocktail Bar Grand Opening, This is Up-Stirrs

Claudio’s Cocktail Bar Grand Opening, This is Up-Stirrs

If you’ve heard of Greenport, you’ve definitely exclusively heard the name Claudio’s. Being the one spot in town reigning in business since 1886, there’s a reason they’re taking a renowned hot-spot and adding some new flair to the mix! Headed by the “boom-boom” bartender, Brian Sassen, the cocktail menu has taken a COMPLETE one-eighty showing that the old has definitely shaved a few years off. This is Claudio’s…Up-Stirrs!

You think they’ve got enough syrups and bitters?!

I’d say YES!

Free punch for walking in the door?


Let’s meet the team!

Brian “Boom-Boom” Sassen!

Rum enthusiast and expert bartender, Brian took his leave from Miami after heading RePour, a fun not-so-ordinary cocktail bar amidst the southern Miami scene to take charge of the newly bought and renovated Claudio’s Up-Stirrs. His intricate twists on old classics and new creations alike are soon to be a serious force to be reckoned with in this amazing Village of Greenport.


Long-island local and cocktail enthusiast, this bitch is throwing spins on all the classic cocktails you can come up with. Between her spunky attitude and outrageously interesting tattoos, you’re sure to enjoy whatever she puts in front of you. Oh, and she LOVES chartreuse!

Tommy, the Asian-Sensation!

Intricate bartender, born and raised in California, Tommy took his leave from the strip in Vegas to find a new take on life and this industry he’s fallen in love with. Nobody I know shakes a tin harder than he does and if you ever catch him on the other side of the bar, he’s have a TALL glass of Aperol neat.

Shots anyone? @gourmet_booze

Too bad I don’t have many shots from the ACTUAL party when it began because it was a total success. Aside from the usual social media tactics used, Brian made a special effort to personally walk around town handing out fliers for this epic event to every single local business in town.

If you’ve been out in Greenport, especially with the industry crowd, you’d bet that the locals all made an effort to come out as well.

It was PACKED!

I bet you’re wondering where all the cocktails are, right?

The enormous list of over 30+ cocktails would be too much to cover in one article so you’re gonna have to stay tuned for an extensive list of killer shots and amazing recipes!

Cheers to Greenport, cheers to Claudio’s, cheers to Brian and his team, and cheers to YOU!

Until next time,

“10/10 would recommend, Yancy……OUT!”

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