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Yancy Violi, New York's Celebrity Bartender

With over 6 years of REAL-WORLD experience both behind the bar and behind the scenes, it’s my duty to provide you the best in private events, bartending, content creation, photography, and publication. The milestones achieved and recognition received from the likes of Netflix and World’s 50 Best make me the clear choice for any of your food/beverage endeavors, both on AND off the field.

What I Do?

Private Events Bartending

You didn't make it to this page not knowing that you're checking out New York's Celebrity Bartender. Any sort of private party, gig, or pop-up you're hosting, there's only one person to call to make the night that extra bit better. Hire me to tend bar on a per-hour basis. I will bring all supplies or use your own as well as create a custom cocktail list per request for your party.

Cocktail Creation

Is it your birthday? Do you have a new liquor or spirit launching? Does your bar need a hand with up-to-date cocktails? Mr. Bar & Bowtie is YOUR guy for any and all cocktail creations. My extreme knowledge and expertise built from experience behind numerous bars in New York City and South Florida have given me the opportunity to lead, assist, and create one of a kind cocktails for your needs.

Content Creation

Content is KING in this 2019 world we live in. You have a new bar or restaurant. You have a new liquor brand. You NEED content. How else will you customers find you? My photo and video team will work one-on-one with you to create a content package that will skyrocket you and your business to the front lines on all social media platforms.


None of my reputation and work could've been done without some sort of photography. Both myself and my team have a plethora of gear and expertise to gather whatever shots you have needs for. My team and I specialize in food/beverage photography, portrait shots, and event photography.

Event Coverage

You and your clientele host events. Whether it be for a news publication or your own works, I can be your guy to cover the entire event from head to toe. Capturing the right moments during any event or outing is key to sharing what an amazing time people had and I can guarantee those moments are captured.


I've been a writer and publicist since before growing my following as New York's Celebrity Bartender. If you need any sort of writing, article, or publication made, I can be your source for crafting a beautiful and legible post to share with or for your clients.

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