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There is no way New Yorks Celebrity Bartender came to be without some awesome cocktail recipes and creations along the way! Take a look below at some of my favorite recipes from bars and restaurants I frequent all over the island as well as many of my own that I put into practice during my time behind the bar! While you are at it, check out some new and exciting spirits hitting the market! – LINK BELOW

Vodka Creations

Originating from Poland and Russia, this spirit is usually one I'd describe to be mixed in most cases or served shaken, very RIGOROUSLY, in a martini.

Check out some recipes below!

Gin Creations

This distilled beverage originating from the use of juniper berries came to fruition in Great Britain back in the day and is definitely one of my favorite spirits especially used in a Negroni!

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Rum Creations

Coming from a by-product of sugarcane or molasses, this amazing spirit is one typically thought to be enjoyed under the sun!

Check out some amazing recipes below!

Tequila Creations

This regionally distilled spirit comes from the blue weber agave plant hailing from Mexico and happens to be my FAVORITE of the bunch!

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Whiskey Creations

This fermented grain-mash beverage is widely know and strictly regulated worldwide due to its many variants. The various grains malted including barley, corn, rye, and wheat make up this amazing spirit. It's also typically aged barrels to give it that amazing dark color.

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