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Netflix Contract

Netflix Hired Me

Wonder how the event went?

Netflix took a chance on me and had me hired solely to create a cocktail, bartend, and host their NYC Christmas Holiday Party! It was a total surprise to have such a huge and reputable company reach out to me. I couldn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t have been happier than to make a crowd of 200+ smile and enjoy their time in such an amazing venue.

Christmas Cocktail Creation

As part of working for Netflix, they had me create a special, one of a kind cocktail for their 2018 Xmas Xtravaganza! I put together a very fun and refreshing spiked apple cider featuring Jim Beam as the spirit. What came out so special was the garnish. I actually had edible decals printed from a bakery on 50th and 10th called Cakes n’ Shapes! Combining the edible logo and some edible glitter created what I believe was the perfect cocktail that Netflix could’ve asked for.

Time To Party!

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