Sugar East 62nd and 1st

UES Cocktail Smokers Lounge

Upper East Side Cocktail Lounge Catering Smokers

What kind of experience can you have at Sugar East?

This wonderfully attired lounge on 62nd and 1st Ave in NYC is an interesting find with more than a few things to tickle your fancy. Between the exquisite cocktails and the loungy atmosphere, this might be a new spot to add to your list.

Sugar East came to life from the vision of Public Agenda as a sleek, midcentury styled upscale lounge that transports guests to another era, reminiscent of a NYC Speakeasy. A secret upscale bar located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Sugar East offers fresh sourced cocktail and menu ingredients, music playing through the early morning hours, and legal indoor smoking. Every element is a modern adaptation of classic design, based on Sugar East’s four pillars: escape, style, luxury and play. Anchored by 4 colors, this hip bar features playful branding and artwork by noted Berlin-based agency Maison C.C. and illustrator Benedikt Rugar.

Cocktail Program

A colorful cocktail menu put together by Jeremy Strawn showcases this secret speakeasy’s strengths featuring fresh, sourced ingredients and twists on classic cocktails.

Small Bites

Sugar East compliments their cocktails with a gorgeous selection of bites that fit anyones bill while keeping a sense of quality apparent.

Smokers Welcome

There are only seven places on the island of Manhattan where you can smoke inside and Sugar East happens to be one of them. Anytime of the week, bring yourself and your friends in for a relaxing environment where you can enjoy a casual smoke with your cocktail. For those non-smokers, you’ll be assured it’s not a cigar stunk lounge, I can guarantee that.

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